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We are a team of professionals with expertise in the electronic security systems. We are devoted to our everyday work and we are careful that each action that we take is accomplished with due diligence and professionalism.

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Our mission is to respond to our customers’ safety, technical and comfort need by providing top quality consulting, design, execution and maintenance services.

•	structured cabling

the organization of a common voice-data network is based on the concept of integral structured cabling regarding the telecommunication cabling of a building

this solution implements a transmission network, hardware configured according to customer's specifications, allowing the digital and voice information transfer

active equipments (data concentrators) of the computer network allow the logic configuration of the network that can be subsequently extended according to the requirements of the network administrator

the digital telephone exchange unit and the intelligent telephones allow the software configuration of the telephone network and also modern telephony services

the common voice-data structured cabling offers multiple advantages, among which:

  • it is destined for two types of communication, voice and data, the circuits being interchangeable by simple switches in the concentration point (connection panel – rack)
  • allows network connection for any type of computer
  • has a high degree of reliability and is suited for any protocol of network data transmission
  • it is hardware and software customizable at any moment at the wish of the network administrator

the common voice-data structured cabling is organized on three levels:

  • horizontal level
  • vertical level (also named "connection level”)
  • network interconnection level (also named "primary level”)

Horizontal level
- it is composed of network elements situated on a building level
- the covered area encloses rooms endowed with computers with network adapters and telephones connected by sockets
- radial connection to the connection rack located in the technical space on each building level is made by means of connections and cables
- the connection rack contains all the connection elements for data (interconnection panels) and voice (allotter), including the active equipment for the data network

Vertical level
- it is made of network passive components (data and voice cables)
- for the data network, vertical connections are executed between the active components of the network from each connection rack (from a horizontal level) to the concentrating device of the building to which the data network server is connected
- for the voice network, telephonic cables are fitted between the allotters from each connection rack and the general allotter of the building

Network interconnection level
- allows the connection to the national networks
- the connection is made directly by optic fiber or by a Net Builder, that additionally provides the exit into a WAN or national network
- a communication server accessible for all station in the beneficiary's network can be installed
- the optic fiber connection requires optoelectronic converters to transform electric signals in optical signals and vice versa