GIS System security
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We are a team of professionals with expertise in the electronic security systems. We are devoted to our everyday work and we are careful that each action that we take is accomplished with due diligence and professionalism.

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Our mission is to respond to our customers’ safety, technical and comfort need by providing top quality consulting, design, execution and maintenance services.

interphony and video-interphony

offers the space inhabitant the possibility knowing the visitor's identity before allowing him to enter the building/apartment

there are two basic types:

  • the 'push to talk' system: the transmission of the audio/video signal in a single direction at a given moment
  • the duplex system: signals are transmitted simultaneously in both directions

both systems contain one or more stations located at the exterior, control and management unit, power supply and interior stations.

additional functions and accessories:

  • video surveillance of other spaces than the access points
  • intercommunication between different internal stations
  • special internal posts for the doormen
  • the doors can be opened by access code, cards, remote controls, etc.
  • control for different automation elements