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We are a team of professionals with expertise in the electronic security systems. We are devoted to our everyday work and we are careful that each action that we take is accomplished with due diligence and professionalism.

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Our mission is to respond to our customers’ safety, technical and comfort need by providing top quality consulting, design, execution and maintenance services.

public address and sound systems

These are designed for the creation, transmission and reproducing of speech or music and for generating signals (gongs, variable tone alarms).

The typical applications of these installations are intended for:

  • theatres, concert halls, operas, schools, universities, churches, multi-purpose halls, sport fields, hotels and restaurants
  • call systems in industrial spaces, office buildings
  • conference centers, exhibit halls

The structure of an electro-acoustic installation consists in:

  • microphones (wired or wireless)
  • call stations
  • sound devices (cassette recorders, audio units)
  • signal generators (CD-player, tuner, tape recorder, etc.)
  • amplifiers, mixers, sound processors
  • speakers and acoustic chambers


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