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We are a team of professionals with expertise in the electronic security systems. We are devoted to our everyday work and we are careful that each action that we take is accomplished with due diligence and professionalism.

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Our mission is to respond to our customers’ safety, technical and comfort need by providing top quality consulting, design, execution and maintenance services.

smoke clearing and extinguishing systems

Special mechanic or natural ventilation systems are used.
In case of smoke clearing, the air flow is followed in the considered space by introducing fresh air and evacuating the smoke; composing elements:

  1. hatches: manually or automatically operated smoke evacuation devices assembled on the upper part of the building
  2. fire-proof doors: mobile elements to protect the functional circulation spaces in the walls; they have the role to limit the fire expansion and stop the passing of the smoke in the protected spaces
  3. channels: are made from incombustible materials fire resilience of at least 15 minutes
  4. fans: to evacuate the smoke at 4000C for at least 1 hour
  5. devices for the composing elements electric operation
  6. command central unit

To reduce the toxic/explosive gases concentration, following a command from the detection system, fresh air is introduced and choke damp is evacuated. The process continues at least until the concentration goes under the alarm limit. Depending on the monitored gas (CO, CH4, etc), special detectors are used and the installation is designed according to the legal specific provisions.