GIS System security
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We are a team of professionals with expertise in the electronic security systems. We are devoted to our everyday work and we are careful that each action that we take is accomplished with due diligence and professionalism.

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Our mission is to respond to our customers’ safety, technical and comfort need by providing top quality consulting, design, execution and maintenance services.

electric installations and automations

Electric installations

designing and executing in-door electric installations for civil and industrial buildings, aerial and subterranean connections, with a 0.4 kV nominal voltaje

lightning and earthing protection systems

automations and distribution panels

Building Management System - BMS

ensures an increased comfort and an efficient management of energy resources

monitors, views and controls the operating state of the equipments/systems of the objective (burglary & fire detection and warning systems, access control, electric installations, heating and ventilation, shutter, doors and windows command systems, etc)

the system can be managed locally via touch-screens, intelligent remote controls (can also command the audio-video equipment), network computers, and remotely by WLAN connections with other computers or by SMS messages.